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Our Mission:

The Trumbull County Court of Common Pleas, General Division, shall administer justice by applying the laws of the State of Ohio in a fair, transparent, professional and efficient manner while maintaining access to justice for all who come before the Court.

Jury Service


Drug Court

GENERAL DIVISION: The Trumbull County Court of Common Pleas serves as the trial court for the administration of justice within the court borders. The common pleas courts are constitutionally created as established by Article IV, Section I of the Ohio Constitution and as described by Article IV, Section 4. The common pleas courts in Trumbull County are divided into several divisions: General, Family Court (Domestic Relations and Juvenile) and Probate.

The General Division has original jurisdiction to hear all adult felony and serious misdemeanor criminal cases as well as all civil cases. The court’s civil docket includes an assortment of disputed issues including, but not limited to: personal injury, property damages, motor vehicle accidents, business and commercial disputes, real estate matters, class actions and equity cases in which the court may issue injunctions and certain legal orders & writs. The court also has jurisdiction to decide appeals relative to certain state and local administrative agencies, boards and commissions which may include such matters as workers’ compensation, zoning and employment.

Additionally, the court has authority over grand and petit jury proceedings. The court also has the inherent power to issue indictments in criminal cases. The General Division is also responsible for the administration of certain statutory laws for civil stalking protection orders and certificates of qualification for employment. Moreover, this court is responsible for the administration of the specialized criminal docket for drug court. The court also oversees the Trumbull County Adult Probation Department which supervises those criminal defendants placed on community controlled sanctions as part of their sentence or pre-trial diversion.

All final orders and judgments of this court may be appealed to the Eleventh District Court of Appeals or, in certain cases, to the Supreme Court of Ohio.